We’ve just added three new staplers from Bostitch to our Top Carton Stapler lineup:  models DS-3522; DS-3219 and DS-2ADC.

Bostitch DS-3522 Stapler

The DS-3522 is an update to the popular DS16-2AD pneumatic stapler.  It is compatible with both Bostitch model SW9040 and SW7437 series staples.  Like the D16-2AD, the DS-3522 is the only air stapler on the market that can use 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ A-Crown staples.  It is thus a very versatile top carton stapler.

Bostich DS-3219 Stapler

The DS-3219 Stapler is a C-Crown carton closer that takes both 5/8 and 3/4″ staples (1 1/4″ wide).  The Bostitch DS-3219 offers an easy load magazine, jam release and secondary rubber grib for 2 handed operation.

Bostitch D62ADC Stapler

For high volume stapling the Bostitch D62ADC is an industrial grade roll stapler that update to the popular D61ADC.  Compatible with 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ SWC7437 coil staples, the D62ADC features rubberized grips for comfortable operation and  full cycle actuation for faster speeds.

Keencut Max Cutter

Whether you’re looking to cut PVC foam board, or banner material, we offer 3 excellent cutter bars that will help you get the job done quickly and accurately.

For super wide format cutting, the Keencut Max, with it’s unique and rigid profile will ensure accurate cutting of materials up to 200 inches in width.  The Max is accurate to within .08 inch over the full length of the cut.

The Keencut Practik cutter bar is accurate to within .03 inch over the full length of the cut and is an economical alternative when less extreme accuracy is required.

The Keencut Javelin & Javelin Xtra offers the highest level of accuracy.  This precision wide-format cutter bar is designed to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy.  Factory laser truing guarantees accuracy to within .008 inch over the full length of the cut.

All 3 cutter bars includes 100 medium duty blades and a rear loading blade holder for swift replacement.  You can find the Keencut Max, Javelin and Practik in our Sheet Material Cutter category.

Manual plier staplers are commonly found at dry cleaners and store checkouts.  They’re great for stapling receipts but they’re also useful for stapling small boxes, envelopes, bags, and tube caps.  Our manual plier category offers a wide range of plier staplers, from light to heavy duty, plastic to chrome finish.  But which tool is right for your application?   It can sometimes be confusing choosing the right tool so we’ve made a little comparison chart to help with the selection process.  Please note that the chart is by no means designed to answer every question you may have about plier staplers. We hope it will help ease the selection process by comparing a few basic specifications.  This chart is still a work in progress and we hope to add more useful info. down the road.  Please click to jump to view the chart.

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Roll or Coil Stapler

Roll Stapler

Top Carton Staplers are excellent tools for securely closing corrugated boxes, and as we’ve outlined back in April, box stapling offers a definite value proposition.  Manual box closers are excellent for small volume operations.  For increase volume operations, the air powered units such as the 150PN top closer provides increased ease of use, and shorter turn around times.  However, what if you need an even faster box closing solution?  While the regular pneumatic top staplers will fire a staple in no time, the limited staple capacity of it’s magazine means frequent stops to reload staples.  In packaging operations where high speed is critical, frequent stops to reload staples can be a serious hurdle.  Therefore, for high speed stapling applications, we offer the Roll Staplers as a solution.  Roll staplers look and operate just like typical stick loading air staplers.  However, their magazines are configured to accept rolls or coils of staples of 1000.   With such a dramatically larger staple capacity, roll staplers (or coil staplers) offer users, the convenience and speed of air staplers as well as significantly fewer stops to reload.  Thus, roll staplers offer higher efficiency and less strain.  Additionally, due to the larger volumes, coil staples also cheaper than stick staples on a cost per staple basis.   A winning solution all around.

You can check out our selection of Roll style top carton staplers in our Top Stapler category where you’ll also see our comparison chart.  If you already have a roll stapler, we offer a wide selection of roll staples.

Lastly, roll staples are not just for top carton staplers.  We also offer an electric powered Bostitch FC95EC (which can take 4000 staples at a time!) for high speed box bottom closing.

One Staple – Many Documents

Office StaplersMany office staplers provide a range of compatible staple sizes each cut to handle certain sheet capacities.  A staple that is too small will not penetrate the document completely, a staple too big may result in a loose fastening and uneven stacking.  Very often, most users have very little time to select the right staple.  Document stapling should be a quick and easy a possible.

To make things easier we offer three staplers that are designed to:

  • Accept only one staple size.
  • Cut the staple to match the size of the document.
  • Flat Clinch the staple ends for neat edges.

These staples are: the Rapid 5050 and 5080 electric, and the DUAX manual staplers.

The Rapid 5050E and 5080E offer the ease of use and speed of electric stapling.  They will staple up to 50 and 80 sheets of paper respectively.  The manual Rapid DUAX stapler offers an ergonomic handle and a stapling capacity of up to 170 sheets of paper.  All 3 staplers include a patented head design that cuts and clinches the staple to the appropriate length that secures your documents.  All 3 units provide flat clinching for neat document edges and easy stacking.

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The Keencut Evolution integrated wide format cutting system is designed to offer a new dimension in the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process.  Intended to fit any bench, the Evolution shares the same outstanding .008″ guaranteed straightness of the Javelin cutter bar.

The Evolution has many user friendly design features including:

Full-length Lift & Hold from either end for easy loading and positioning

Switchable cutting tracks for general purpose and textile cutting

Unique 4-section extrusion maintains close straightness even under flex

Flip over sub bench parking provides full unobstructed bench surface

These features plus more make the Keencut Evolution the most complete, accurate and user-friendly manual cutter ever built for the sign and digital market.   See the video below for a detailed look at this cutting edge precision tool.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are nine reasons why Stapling your boxes provides more value over other closure methods.

1. Staples are Environmentally Safe
Staples have a low impact on the environment, they can be recycled or landfilled without problems.

2. Roll Staples Cost Less

Roll Staples reduce loading time and increase production output, saving your company money.

3. Staples Enhance Advertising Value

Staplers can boost advertising value by not covering sales messages or product identification.

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Bostitch P51 Series

Bostitch P51 Series Pneumatic Plier Stapler

Stanley Bostitch have updated their venerable P50 Pneumatic Plier series.  The new P51 series sports a new ergonomic look and feel.  Available as the P51-5B and P51-10B, these air plier staplers match the performance, features and benefits of the older Bostitch P50 series.   Both models accept 1/2, 3/8 and 5/8 inch staples with the 10B using the SB10302 series staplers which are twice as thick as the staples used in the 5B series.

Like the P50 series, the Bostitch P51 staplers are great for assembling trays, carton closing, end cap stapling and fabric stapling.

While our name is Stapler Warehouse we do offer a growing and diverse variety of products beyond staplers.  We plan to keep adding products that we feel offer some degree of cross over and compatibility.  Our line of manual and electric office staplers are a small part of a broad group of document binding solutions.  Chances are, you may need an office stapler for you smaller documents, but a might find a binding machine handy for larger presentations or booklets.

Thus, we’re very happy to now offer a very comprehensive lineup of binding solutions that includes supplies and machinery.  Check out our Binding Machines category for everything from plastic comb binders to PaperLock Binding Machines.   Our Binding supplies category offers a wide variety of binding covers, plastic binding combs, wire and coil.    A nice selection of equipment to fit your application and volume.

Despite our name, Stapler Warehouse offers a diverse range of products beyond staplers and staples.  We now offer binding machines and supplies, paper cutters, pallet wrappers,  strapping tools and shrink wrap machines.

When it comes to pallet wrappers, we offer a wide array of stretch wrappers to suit various production volumes, budget and warehouse settings.    Turntable style pallet wrappers are the most common type of stretch pallet wrapper.    However, what if have a range of pallets that have unusual proportions or possibly the pallets extremely heavy or you just don’t have space for a turntable wrapper?   The Vortex robotic pallet wrapper from Fox might be the solution for you.

Featuring a close turning radius and an 80 inch max wrap height, the Vortex semi-automatic pallet wrapper is the future of stretch wrapping.  Simply attach the film and the Vortex goes to work, handling top, bottom and reinforcement wraps according to the settings you program.  Best of all, the Fox Vortex requires no installation and is virtually maintenance free.  It can wrap for up to 8 hours and requires only 2 hours for a full recharge.   Thus, the Vortex is an effective tool to handle unusually large pallets without breaking your back or wallet.  What more to find out more, see our Vortex product page for more specifications and a demonstration video.