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We’ve just added three new staplers from Bostitch to our Top Carton Stapler lineup:  models DS-3522; DS-3219 and DS-2ADC. The DS-3522 is an update to the popular DS16-2AD pneumatic stapler.  It is compatible with both Bostitch model SW9040 and SW7437 series staples.  Like the D16-2AD, the DS-3522 is the only air stapler on the market […]

Top Carton Staplers are excellent tools for securely closing corrugated boxes, and as we’ve outlined back in April, box stapling offers a definite value proposition.  Manual box closers are excellent for small volume operations.  For increase volume operations, the air powered units such as the 150PN top closer provides increased ease of use, and shorter […]

Here are nine reasons why Stapling your boxes provides more value over other closure methods. 1. Staples are Environmentally Safe Staples have a low impact on the environment, they can be recycled or landfilled without problems. 2. Roll Staples Cost Less Roll Staples reduce loading time and increase production output, saving your company money. 3. […]

Stanley Bostitch have updated their venerable P50 Pneumatic Plier series.  The new P51 series sports a new ergonomic look and feel.  Available as the P51-5B and P51-10B, these air plier staplers match the performance, features and benefits of the older Bostitch P50 series.   Both models accept 1/2, 3/8 and 5/8 inch staples with the 10B […]

We offer over 20 different kinds of hand and air powered top carton closing staplers.  Each stapler vary in their power, capacity and staple size.  It can be sometimes confusing to sift through all the models.  So to make things easier we made up a quick comparison chart to help you choose the right box […]

The venerable Josef Kihlberg JK 561 Top Carton Staplers have been an industry leader for many years. Now the JK 561 product series has been creatively enhanced with dramatic design improvements, substantially improving on-the-job efficiency. The former 561 top stapler will now be replaced by the new generation c.561 top staplers. This product makes a […]