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Manual plier staplers are commonly found at dry cleaners and store checkouts.  They’re great for stapling receipts but they’re also useful for stapling small boxes, envelopes, bags, and tube caps.  Our manual plier category offers a wide range of plier staplers, from light to heavy duty, plastic to chrome finish.  But which tool is right […]

One Staple – Many Documents

Many office staplers provide a range of compatible staple sizes each cut to handle certain sheet capacities.  A staple that is too small will not penetrate the document completely, a staple too big may result in a loose fastening and uneven stacking.  Very often, most users have very little time to select the right staple.  […]

We’re very happy to now offer the Novus Stapler line.  Novus is a Germany based manufacturer of high quality precision based professional staplers.  The Novus PRO B8FC Executive stapler has an innovative design that offers users maximum stapling power with minimum effort.  The B8FC offers the option of flat clinch stapling, which presses the staples […]