New Product: Josef Kilhberg C.561 Carton Stapler


JK C.561PN

The venerable Josef Kihlberg JK 561 Top Carton Staplers have been an industry leader for many years. Now the JK 561 product series has been creatively enhanced with dramatic design improvements, substantially improving on-the-job efficiency. The former 561 top stapler will now be replaced by the new generation c.561 top staplers. This product makes a striking first impression due to its unique design features. It is one pound lighter than competitive models and features a comfortable hand grip.
The new JK’s c.561 top stapler series consists of the c.561M, and the c.561PN. With a capacity of 150, the tools drive JK561 series staples, available in lengths of 5/8″ and 3/4″ ״depending on the application. Tool users can easily adjust the depth of drive to any of five positions and also change between 5/8″ and 3 /4″ lengths, if necessary. These staplers can be used for material thickness of 1- or 2-layer corrugated board (5/8 ״ 3/4 ,״ staples) and reloading is quick and easy.

We are please to offer both the C.561M manual and the C.561 PN Air Powered top carton staplers, as well as C crown staples.