Despite our name, Stapler Warehouse offers a diverse range of products beyond staplers and staples.  We now offer binding machines and supplies, paper cutters, pallet wrappers,  strapping tools and shrink wrap machines. When it comes to pallet wrappers, we offer a wide array of stretch wrappers to suit various production volumes, budget and warehouse settings.    […]

We offer over 20 different kinds of hand and air powered top carton closing staplers.  Each stapler vary in their power, capacity and staple size.  It can be sometimes confusing to sift through all the models.  So to make things easier we made up a quick comparison chart to help you choose the right box […]

We’re very happy to now offer the Novus Stapler line.  Novus is a Germany based manufacturer of high quality precision based professional staplers.  The Novus PRO B8FC Executive stapler has an innovative design that offers users maximum stapling power with minimum effort.  The B8FC offers the option of flat clinch stapling, which presses the staples […]

The venerable Josef Kihlberg JK 561 Top Carton Staplers have been an industry leader for many years. Now the JK 561 product series has been creatively enhanced with dramatic design improvements, substantially improving on-the-job efficiency. The former 561 top stapler will now be replaced by the new generation c.561 top staplers. This product makes a […]


Welcome to the StaplerWarehouse Blog!  This is our first post and we’ve got a number of updates in the pipeline that we hope provide useful information on the commercial equipment we provide.  There is a lot of decisions to make when choose the right tool and we want our customers to have as much information […]