Roll Staplers – the next level of carton closing

Roll or Coil Stapler
Roll or Coil Stapler

Roll Stapler

Top Carton Staplers are excellent tools for securely closing corrugated boxes, and as we’ve outlined back in April, box stapling offers a definite value proposition.  Manual box closers are excellent for small volume operations.  For increase volume operations, the air powered units such as the 150PN top closer provides increased ease of use, and shorter turn around times.  However, what if you need an even faster box closing solution?  While the regular pneumatic top staplers will fire a staple in no time, the limited staple capacity of it’s magazine means frequent stops to reload staples.  In packaging operations where high speed is critical, frequent stops to reload staples can be a serious hurdle.  Therefore, for high speed stapling applications, we offer the Roll Staplers as a solution.  Roll staplers look and operate just like typical stick loading air staplers.  However, their magazines are configured to accept rolls or coils of staples of 1000.   With such a dramatically larger staple capacity, roll staplers (or coil staplers) offer users, the convenience and speed of air staplers as well as significantly fewer stops to reload.  Thus, roll staplers offer higher efficiency and less strain.  Additionally, due to the larger volumes, coil staples also cheaper than stick staples on a cost per staple basis.   A winning solution all around.

You can check out our selection of Roll style top carton staplers in our Top Stapler category where you’ll also see our comparison chart.  If you already have a roll stapler, we offer a wide selection of roll staples.

Lastly, roll staples are not just for top carton staplers.  We also offer an electric powered Bostitch FC95EC (which can take 4000 staples at a time!) for high speed box bottom closing.