Bostitch P51 Series

Bostitch P51 Series Pneumatic Plier Stapler

Stanley Bostitch have updated their venerable P50 Pneumatic Plier series.  The new P51 series sports a new ergonomic look and feel.  Available as the P51-5B and P51-10B, these air plier staplers match the performance, features and benefits of the older Bostitch P50 series.   Both models accept 1/2, 3/8 and 5/8 inch staples with the 10B using the SB10302 series staplers which are twice as thick as the staples used in the 5B series.

Like the P50 series, the Bostitch P51 staplers are great for assembling trays, carton closing, end cap stapling and fabric stapling.