Stapling versus other Closure Methods

Here are nine reasons why Stapling your boxes provides more value over other closure methods.

1. Staples are Environmentally Safe
Staples have a low impact on the environment, they can be recycled or landfilled without problems.

2. Roll Staples Cost Less

Roll Staples reduce loading time and increase production output, saving your company money.

3. Staples Enhance Advertising Value

Staplers can boost advertising value by not covering sales messages or product identification.

4. Staples Fasten Instantly

Staple closure is instantaneous with visual confirmation immediately.

5. Stapled Cartons Are Stronger

Staple “lock” flaps together providing maximum holding strength.

6. Stapled Cartons Hold Up in Transit

Staple strength and security meet and exceed shipping and handling requirements.

7. Stapled Carton Unaffected by Temperature and Humidity

Staple closures are unaffected by extremes of temperature and humidity.

8. Staples Discourage Pilferage

Stapled cartons discourage pilferage insuring safe, secure product delivery.

9. Automatic Staplers Reduce Manpower

Staples can be applied automatically, reducing manpower and cost from manual packaging systems.